Batu Kutelia: Possibility Of Consultations With Russia Exhausted

Tbilisi. August 17 (Prime-News) – Batu Kutelia, deputy Defense Minister of Georgia, states that the possibility of consultations with Russia regarding investigation of the August 06 incident is exhausted.

Kutelia stated at the briefing on Friday that unfortunately the Russian side is not constructive and refrains from cooperation with investigation.

“Information provided by Russian experts was extremely fragmentary and it only warrants criticism. After studying the evidence provided by them, we have an impression that they try to even portray that as if an aircraft does not at all flew over the concerned area. So we can conclude that we are witnessing an obvious attempt to fabricate evidence.” Kutelia stated.

Kutelia reckons that Russian experts arrived in Georgia not to investigate the incident but to stall for time.

De Facto Tskhinvali: Georgian March Of Peace to Cause Another Tension

Press and Information Committee of the unrecognized republic South Ossetia informs that the so-called March of Peace which Georgian government intends to hold in September will cause another tension in the conflict zone.

“Such march was held on November 23, 1989 when thousands of marching people from Tbilisi and other settlements approached the capital of South Ossetia for holding “March of Peace”. As it turned out later, these people have been armed. Confrontation lasted for more than 24 hours. Georgian did not manage to invade Tskhinvali and November 23, 1989 became the beginning of confrontation between the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict,” the statement reads.

Russian Experts Deny Violation Of Georgian Airspace By Their Jets

Lieutenant General Igor Khvorov, Head of the Staff of Air Forces of the Russian Federation, stated about that at the briefing held at Russian Embassy in Georgia on Friday.

“There was no fat of violation of Georgian state border. Services on duty work in general regime,” Khvorov stated.

Group of Russian experts arrived on a special flight in Tbilisi on at 17:30 on Thursday to investigate the August 06 incident. The Russian delegation comprised of 25 people includes Lieutenant General Igor Khvorov, Head of the Staff of Air Forces of the Russian Federation, Valery Kenyaikin, Ambassador at large of the Russian Foreign Ministry, and specialists of Russian MIA and Foreign Ministry, participated in investigation of the incident.

Special Representative Of OSCE To Investigate August 06 Incident In Georgia

Miomir Zuzul, is a former Foreign Minister of Croatia. He will travel to Georgia and Russia the next week.

The report of the International Group of Experts (IGE) investigating the incident of August 6, confirms that the Georgian airspace was violated by the aircraft that entered from the territory of the Russian Federation. The IGE consisted of experts from Sweden, The USA, Lithuania and Latvia. Group of Russian military experts, who arrived to Georgia to investigate the incident, denied involvement of Russian jets in the incident, and doubted radar recordings presented to them by the Georgian side.

Noghaideli To Visit Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Region On Sunday

Prime-News was told at the Office of Georgian Government that Noghaideli would visit construction works of the Hotel “Maltakva” in Poti, “Georgian Forest” Ltd, “Black Sea Products” Ltd, and “Poti Oil Products” Ltd.

Prime Minister will also visit Khobi and Zugdidi.

In Khobi Noghaideli will visit plants and Kulevi oil terminal, will get familiar with repair works on Martvili-Ckhorotsku road.

In Zugdidi the Prime Minister will examine construction works on Ganmukhuri section of the road, Zugdidi-Rukhi road, and works implemented on the territory of Zugdidi Railway.

Zurab Noghaideli will also visit territory of the Dadiani Palace.

Deadline For Vacation Of Writers Union Building Expires On Saturday

The abovementioned organizations received notification from the Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia to vacate the building situated in Machabeli Street on August 18.

Irakli Tsereteli, Leader of the National Independence Party, refuses to vacate the building and does not intend to move from the office.

According o him, he will not vacate the building until he receives corresponding compensation from the government.

He informs that members of the Party will appeal to Tbilisi city Court against the Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia in the nearest future.

As to the Writers Union, according to Makvala Gonashvili, Chairwoman of the Union, they already have appealed to the court to annul the decision of the

Economic ministry.

According to Giorgi Arveladze, Minister of Economic Development of Georgia, the Writers Union should not exist at the expense of the area allocated by the state.

He stated that the state property would be used for attraction of investments and creation of new working places in the country.

According to the Minister, he is not against the writers, thus he reckons that the Writers union should not exist in the present format, which was created during the Soviet period.