Bokeria Evaluates Talks About Restriction Of Freedom Of Speech As Absurd

Tbilisi. October 11 (Prime-News) – Giga Bokeria, one of the leaders of parliamentary ruling majority, has responded to the statement made by Badri Patarkatsishvili on Wednesday and evaluated the hysteria related to the restriction of freedom of speech and freedom of expression as absurd.

Giga Bokeria stated at the press conference held on Thursday that the government of Georgia permanently criticizes the opposition, however it has no reaction, but the opposition became very irritated when the authorities started to criticize Badri Patarkatsishvili.

Bokeria noted that the opposition parties now needed to unite under the banner of so called fight for freedom of speech in order to fill the vacuum created after the failure of the Okruashvili’s case.

According to the MP, Patarkatsishvili’s made a daring and respectful move when he took decision to return to Georgia, however he ought to give some explanations about his past activities.

The MP has also responded to the rally scheduled on November 02 and noted that the opposition is also free to rally anytime they want.