Latex Memory Foam Mattress Review

A Latex memory foam mattress is made of a type of foam designed to have a paticulare feel.

Latex can be made from both natural and synthetic components.

There are 3 different types of latex memory foam mattress:

100% Natural Latex Memory Foam Mattress – This is processed rubber tree sap and is the most expensive material used on the market. It is also the most durable (lasting 15+ years compared to a typically mattress that you might get 10 years out of if you are lucky!), but because of its expense, most brands do not use 100% natural latex as a result. So instead, companies will use 1-2 inches of natural latex foam on top to give you the qualities of the natural latex. Natural latex foam is also inherently resistant to mold, bacteria and dust mites and is biodegradable.

Synthetic Latex Foam – Synthetic latex is made though a chemical process using petroleum-based materials. It does share many of the physical properties of natural latex but has a stiffer feel to it. This stiffer feel is supposively is meant to make the latex more resilient at keeping its form over a long time.

Blended Latex – This is a blend of natural and synthetic latex foam. By using both it is a way to try to capture both the qualities of each type of memory foam.

In order to make a latex foam mattress there are 2 different processes. First the sap from the rubber tree is collected it is then processed in one of two ways.

Talalay Process – This way results in a softer feeling foam mattress. There is no such thing as a 100% natural talalay foam mattress as synthetics are always added to achieve the softer feeling. In this process liquid latex is whipped with air to make a foam. This foam is poured into a mold. Empty space is left inside the mold as well and then the mold is frozen and vulcanised.

Dunlop Process – The Dunlop process creates a firmer feeling foam mattress and is heavier. Dunlop is the oldest established process and requires liquid latex to be whipped with air until it becomes a wet foam. It is the poured into a mol and hardened.

Memory Foam or Latex Memory Foam Mattress?

Well according to FoamGlobes, a latex memory foam mattress is the healthiest option but the memory foam mattress is the most comfortable. Latex foam is also much more eco-friendly. Memory foam however is made with harsh chemicals that outgas for years and have been linked to itchy eyes, respiratory issues and headaches.