Center Of Georgian-Ossetian Relations To Be Established

Tbilisi. July 05 (Prime-News) – The center of Georgian-Ossetian relations will be established in Kutaisi.

According to the initiators, their aim is to support the temporary administration of Tskhinvali region.

According to their position, Kutaisi, which is the second largest city in Georgia, ought to take part in the resolution of Georgian-Ossetian conflict.

“We ask everybody to support us in order to unite Georgia. We look for unified, democratic and successful Georgia,” admitted Amiran Kachmazova, Head of Center of Georgian-Ossetian Relations.

About 400 Ossetians citizens of Georgia live in Kutaisi.

Tsereteli stated at the summing up Bureau session on Friday that the parliamentary committee on healthcare and social issues contributed to implementation of reforms in the sphere.

The fact of construction of 100 new hospitals will assist development of healthcare in Georgia.

Tspeaking about reforms implemented in healthcare sphere Tsereteli noted the insurance program, within the frameworks of which 200 people would get insurance service.

Nino Burjanadze, Chairwoman of the Georgian parliament, stated about that during the summing up Bureau session on Friday.

Burjanadze paid attention to the issue after accusations of the opposition that the laws have been adopted with 3 minutes intrerval.

“I have calculated that during 245 hours of work the parliament required 40-50 minutes to adopt the law” Burjanadze stated.

Bidzina Gudjabidze, member of the parliamentary faction “Democratic Front”, stated at the summing up Bureau Session on Friday that there are some shortcomings, but the work relating the issue is being held.

According to Manan Nachkebia, member of the parliamentary faction “Right Opposition” the works of the Parliament regarding joining the NATO and the EU is worth mentioning.

Boris Chochiev stated in his interview with “Regnum” agency that the South Ossetian side is ready to hold the session in Tbilisi in case security is ensured.

Georgian side demands holding the JCC meeting in Tbilisi.

A session of the co-chairmen of the quadripartite Joint Control Commission (JCC) on resolution of the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict was held in Tskhinvali on Friday without participation of the Georgian side.

Yuri Popov, Envoy of the Russian Foreign Ministry at large, co-chairman of the JCC from the Russian side attended the session.

Co-chairmen of the JCC discussed proposal of the Georgian side to hold session in Tbilisi.

South Ossetian side expressed its readiness to elaborate compromising variants of holding the session in Tbilisi.

Burjanadze stated at the summing up Bureau session on Friday that many reforms have been implemented, a lot of laws adopted and many problems settled.

“The Parliament is a strong institution, which is important for development of the country”, Burjanadze stated.

Burjanadze appealed to mass media for active participation in struggle against drug addiction and noted that the additional funds would be allocated to the issue.

Prime-News was told at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia that at a meeting held subsequent to the ceremony, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Ambassador-designate of the Republic of France to Georgia discussed the main directions of the existing co-operation between the two states and prospects for the further development of bilateral relations.

At the end of the meeting, Minister Bezhuashvili pledged to Mr. Fournier his full support and wished him success in his important endeavours.

In the near future the Ambassador-designate of France will present the originals of his Credentials to President of Georgia His Excellency Mikheil Saakashvili.

Prime-News was told at the CEC that a secretariat on ensuring arrangement issues of certification was established at the CEC. Lukhum Burdjaliani, member of the CEC, will head the secretariat.

Certification will be held by means of testing. People, wishing to undergo certification should submit applications since August 06-31.

Testing will be held in one stage.

Certification is held annually.