CNN And CNBC To Show Trailers About Georgia From September

Tbilisi. August 22 (Prime-News) – CNN and CNBC will show trailers about Georgia, temporarily suspended in August, from September.

Giorgi Arveladze, Minister of Economic Development of Georgia, told journalists about that.

The Minister of Economic Development of Georgia explained that from the viewpoint of marketing research, August is considered to be a passive month; correspondingly the trailers about Georgia were not shown.

According to his information, one more trailer about Georgia will be shown on foreign TV channels. Three films about Georgia are also ready and they will be shown on CNBC.

Two More Cases Of Violation Of Georgian Airspace From Side Of Russian Federation Recorded

Prime-News was told at the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Georgia that on August 21, at 18:46-18:49, the Georgian anti-aircraft defense system tracked twice the violation of the Georgian state border and incursion into Georgian airspace from the side of the Russian Federation, in the vicinity of Omarishara village (Upper Abkhazia), in the north-west direction (flight height – 4000m, speed – 470-490km/hr, depth of incursion into Georgian airspace – 5km).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia transmitted a protest note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation demanding immediate and clear explanations on the abovementioned fact.

NATO Discusses Sharing Of Radar Data With Georgia

Tbilisi. August 23 (Prime-News) – NATO-member states discuss the issue related to the sharing of radar data with Georgia.

News Agency “Reuter” informs about that referring to Press Center of NATO.

NATO agreed a plan to share radar data with Georgia, Albania, Ukraine, Finland and Macedonia in 2003, but technical difficulties have so far hampered the implementation of the plan.

NATO-member states have taken decision to share radar data with Georgia after the August 06 missile incident, when the airspace of Georgia was violated and fall of the missile.

One More Train Loaded With Russian Military Equipment Left Batumi

Tbilisi. August 23 (Prime-News) – One more train loaded with the Russian military equipment withdrawn from Batumi military base departed from the railway station.

Prime-News was told at the Ministry of Defense of Georgia that 22 carriages of the train were loaded with various types of vehicles and material-technical supplies: one KAMAZ, one URAL, two MAZ and three ZIL trucks, three trailers, two radio stations and two field kitchens, also, 114 tons of vehicles spare parts, 19 tons of material goods and 9 tons of food service property, 14 tons of housing and 23 tons of chemical service property.

Russian military equipment will be redeployed to the 102nd Russian military base in Gyumri.

Withdrawal of military equipment from the Russian 12th Batumi military base will be resumed in November.

“Labourists” Advice Investors To Refrain From Purchasing Kindergartens In Tbilisi

Nestan Kirtadze, one of the members of the “Labour Party”, stated at the press conference held on Thursday that the government of Georgia counts its last days and correspondingly acquired property might be confiscated to investors and might be returned to legal owners.

According to her, Gigi Ugulava, Tbilisi City Mayor, and Aleksandre Lomaia, Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, subordinated kindergartens to Tbilisi City Municipal Service as it is forbidden to sell educational institutions. “Tbilisi City Hall will immediately sell objects being in its subordination,” admitted Kirtadze.

Mission Of Red Cross Stops Implementation Of “Industrial Program – 100” In Abkhazia

News Agency “RIA Novosty” informs about that referring to Leonid Lakerbaia, Vice Prime Minister of de facto Republic of Abkhazia.

“Industrial Program – 100″ – is a monthly collection of foodstuff, necessary for normal existence of a person. Cost of the collection is no less than RUBLE 450. The representatives of Red Cross deem that de facto government of Abkhazia ought to take these expenses on itself,” stated De facto Prime Minister.