De Facto Government Of Tskhinvali Criticizes OSCE

Tbilisi. October 19 (Prime-News) – De facto government of the unrecognized republic South Ossetia negatively evaluates appointment of Terhi Hakala on the position of the Head the OSCE Mission to Georgia.

The statement released by the Press and Information Committee of the unrecognized republic South Ossetia that with this step “The international community, including the OSCE, has been trying its best to legalize a puppet administration of Dimitri Sanakoev, Head of the Provisional Administrative-Territorial Entity on the Territory of Former Autonomous District South Ossetia”.

Special Group To Work On Improvement Of Public Relations Of Defense Ministry

Tbilisi. October 19 (Prime-News) – A meeting with the representatives of non-governmental organizations and mass media was held at the Ministry of Defense of Georgia today.

Association “Justice and Liberty” and “Open Society – Georgia Foundation” (OSGF) is implementing a joint project with the Georgian Defense Ministry – “Improvement of Public Relations of the Defense Ministry”.

In the framework of a nine-month project a working group will be established. The members of the group will be representatives of the Defense Ministry, NGOs and journalists. Working group will meet periodically and work on elaboration of a document aimed at making the activities of Defense Ministry more transparent for the public. Coordinating body of the working group will be Association “Justice and Liberty”.

Prime-News was told at the Defense Ministry of Georgia that he final version of the elaborated document would facilitate the cooperation of representatives of mass media and NGOs with the Defense Ministry. The document will also regulate the relationship of the Defense Ministry and NGO sector and media in crisis situations.

The document will comprise the crisis management concept in order to avoid dissemination of classified or distorted information and to provide security of journalists and NGO representatives. The primary goal of the document is to provide public with the timely and objective information.

Presentation Of New Parliamentary Faction Held In Tbilisi Marriott Hotel

Tbilisi. October 19 (Prime-News) – Presentation of a new parliamentary faction “Our Georgia” was held at the Hotel Tbilisi Marriott today.

Valeri Gelbakhiani, majoritary MP from Sachkhere, stated during the presentation that the faction is oppositional one and it consists of majoritary MPs and MPs, who were chosen by party lists.

According to him, members of the faction reckon that the government of Georgia is remote from the people and is not capable of constructive dialogue and political compromise.

The faction aggress to the joint manifest, elaborated by the united opposition and makes one more important demand – launching of new constitutional processed and creation of a new national constituent,” stated Gelbakhiani

Members of the faction are: MPs Gocha Jojua, political secretary of the faction, Levan Gzirishvili, majoritary MP from Caspi, Deputy Chairman of the faction, Valerian Izoria, majoritary MP from Ckhorotsku, Nika Kvezereli, majoritary MP from Gurjaani, Arsen Mgeladze, majoritary MP from Kedi region, Victor Japaridze, majoritary MP from Mestia region, Giorgi Tsulaia, MP from Kutaisi, Temur Dolishvili, member of the “Labour” party, and Merab Khurtsidze, former member of the parliamentary majority.

Members of the new faction were congratulated by Pikria Chikhradze, member of the “Right Opposition”, Zurab Tkemaladze, leader of the “Industrialists”, Kakha Kukava, member of the “Democratic Front”, Gia Maisashvili, leader of the “Party of Future”, and MP Jumber Patiashvili.