Eduard Kokoity Visits Self Proclaimed Republic Of Abkhazia

Tbilisi. August 21 (Prime-News) – Eduard Kokoity, de facto President of South Ossetia, visits Self-proclaimed Republic of Abkhazia.

Eduard Kokoity arrived in Sokhumi on Tuesday. Sergey Bagapsh, de facto President of Abkhazia, met Eduard Kokoity.

Kokoity held informal talks with Abkhazian leader Sergey Bagapsh. Mustafa Batdyev, Head of Russia’s Karachaevo-Cherkessia Republic, has also attended the meeting.

Lately de facto presidents will depart for Ritsa Lake, where Kokoity intends to spend his holidays.

Second Independent Inter-governmental Expert Group Confirmed Violation Of Georgian Airspace From Russia

The final conclusion of the experts published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on Tuesday reads about that.

The Second Independent Inter-governmental Expert Group agrees with the findings of the IGE report dated 14 Aug 07 and further information will be presented in this report.

“The Georgian airspace was violated three times of 6 Aug 07 from by aircraft flying to from Russian airspace. The last two passes were towards the Georgian radar near Gori,” reads the conclusion.

The conclusion of experts consists of the six pages and except basic conclusions it includes possible scenario and additional recommendations.

Ambassador Denis Keefe provided Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia with the information on the work of Second Independent Inter-governmental Expert Group (IIEG-2) composed of experts from Estonia, UK and Poland with the aim to verify and complete the findings of the first Expert Group regarding the 6 August incident at the meeting held on Tuesday. Minister Bezhuashvili informed Mr. Keefe on the ongoing efforts of the Georgian Government on this matter.

Bezhuashvili Provided Miomir Zuzul With Information On O6 August Missile Incident

Tbilisi. August 21 (Prime-News) – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Gela Bezhuashvili held a meeting with Ambassador Miomir Zuzul, Special Envoy of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office on the missile incident that took place on 6 August 2007.

Minister Bezhuashvili provided Mr. Zuzul with the updated information on the 6 August attack on Georgia and shared his vision on possible background and aims of this provocation. The efforts undertaken in the aftermath of the 6 August incident by the Georgian Authorities, as well as international community, including the relevant reports presented to all the interested parties by the two groups of independent international experts were also discussed.

At the meeting the importance of an adequate reaction from the international community on this kind of incidents, which pose the potential threat to the security of not only for Georgia, but the whole continent was emphasized. In this context, the possible follow-up measures within the international fora, and particularly the OSCE, whose principal objective is to ensure and frame the security for Europe, inter aliathrough preventive diplomacy efforts were conferred.

Bezhuashvili Not To Exclude Meeting Of Georgian And Russian Presidents

“The plan of organization of such meeting exists. But I cannot name the exact date of the meeting,” declared Gela Bezhuashvili about that at the press conference held on Tuesday.

The Georgian side is ready for the dialogue and tries to use any possibility in order to solve the problems existing between the two countries.

Cabinet Meeting To Be Held At State Chancellery On Wednesday

Tbilisi. August 22 (Prime-News) – The Cabinet of Ministers will discuss eighteen issues at the cabinet meeting scheduled on Wednesday.

Prime-News was told at the State Chancellery that the issue related to the introduction of amendments to the resolution project on “Definition of Amount and Conditions of Financing of Students Enrolled on Veterinary Educational Program in 2007-2008 Academic Year within the Framework of Social Program”. The reporter is Aleksandre Lomaia, Minister of Education and Science of Georgia.

Aleksandre Lomaia, Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, will also present project on “Unification of Juridical Entity – Gori State University and Juridical Entity – Tskhinvali State University”.

Giorgi Arveladze, Minister of Economic Development of Georgia, will brief about draft resolution on “Adoption of the Decision Taken by Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia about Handing Real Estate Being in Possession of State to Kaspi, Dmanisi, Zugdidi, Kvareli, Zestaponi, Shuakhevi and Kutaisi Municipalities”.

The Cabinet will also discuss memorandum between the government of Georgia and “Energy Aragvi” JSC. Nika Gilauri, Minister of Energy of Georgia, will present the project.

The Cabinet of Ministers will also discuss issue related to the entering amendments to the Decree N3840 of the President of Georgia dated September 18, 2004 on “Maintenance of Reconstruction-rehabilitation Works to Temporary Storehouses of Radio Active Materials Located on the Territory of Georgia”.

Gia Kvataradze, Minister of Justice of Georgia, will brief about biometric passports.

Lithuania Assigns Experts To Georgia For Investigation Of August 06 Incident

Tbilisi. August 10 (Prime-News) – Lithuania assigns two experts to Georgia for investigation of bombing territory of Georgia on August 06.

RIA Novosti informs about that referring to press service of Lithuanian Defense Ministry.

Experts will arrive in Georgia on Saturday.

“Assigning of experts is a contribution of Lithuania to objective investigation of the incident,” Renatas Norkus, secretary of the Defense ministry of Lithuania stated.

The incident was discussed during telephone conversation between Valdas Adamkus, Lithuanian president, and Mikheil Saakashvili, president of Georgia.

Georgian leader appealed to Lithuanian side to participate in the international investigation of the incident.