“Equality Institute” Accuses Saakashvili Of Applying Double Standards

Tbilisi. October 12 (Prime-News) – According to information of the “Equality Institute” Temur Alasania, uncle of Georgian president, allocated investment to the territory of Azerbaijan occupied by Armenian separatists and purchased mines.

Levan Gogichaishvili, member of the “Equality Institute”, stated about thta at the press conference today and accused Mikheil Saakashvili, president of Georgia, of applying double standards.

According to him, relatives of the president do thing for which the president criticizes other people.

The matter concerns investments allocated by “Geo Pro Mining” Company to the abovementioned territory, which is of a particular interest Temur Alasania.

“The territory belongs to Azerbaijan. At the same time Saakashvili criticizes Russia for allocating investments to Abkhazia,” stated he.

According to him, “Geo Pro Minisng” is Georgian company, however, it is backed by Russian “Industrial group”, owned by Alasania’s friend sergey Generalov.

Tbilisi. October 15 (Prime-News) – Kakha Kukava, member of the “Conservative” party states that the fact that the ruling “National Movement” allows its offices for issuing vouchers of the presidential subsiding as deliberate gaining over the population.


Kukava stated at the Bureau session today that this action from the “National Movement” is inadmissible, as they persuade the population in propriety of their policy.

Maia Nadiradze, leader of the parliamentary majority, stated regarding the fact that the “National Movement” expressed readiness to assist the government in issuing vouchers with its infrastructure.

Tbilisi. October 15 (Prime-News) – Nino Burjanadze, Chairwoman of Georgian Parliament, met with members of the House of Commons of British Parliament today.
Nika Rurua, Vice Chairman of the parliamentary committee on security and defense, stated after the meeting that the parties discussed the NATO-Georgia relations.

According to him, after Georgia members of the House of Commons of British Parliament will visit Turkey.

Tbilisi. October 15 (Prime-News) – The UN Security Council today will adopt a resolution in which right of property of IDPs will be highlighted.
David Bakradze, State Minister of Georgia for conflict resolution, stated at the press conference today that the UN would openly state its attitude towards fundamental rights of IDPs in Georgia and their property.

“Return of IDPs and right of property are priority issues for us in this resolution,” Bakradze stated.

According to him, the resolution also includes such positive elements such as restoration of political dialogue between the sides and necessity of revision of the peacekeeping process.

Bakradze also noted that the incident of September 20 that occurred in Upper Abkhazia is not evaluated in the resolution; it was fixed only as fact.

Tbilisi. October 15 (Prime-News) – Nino Burjanadze, Chairwoman of Georgian Parliament, states that the resolution on Abkhazia, which will be adopted by the UN Security Council today, includes some imported points.

Burjanadze told journalists that no international document has been adopted considering only one side.

According to her, the abovementioned resolution includes points that were not included in any previous resolution.

Tbilisi. October 15 (Prime-News) – Mikheil Saakashvili, president of Georgia, invited Vladimir Putin, president of the Russian federation to vintage in Kakheti region.
Saakashvili stated about that at the concert dedicated to wine festival held in Telavi today.

According to him, Georgia has record harvest of vine this year.

“People, who imposed embargo on Georgian wine, want us to surrender Tskhinvali and Sokhumi. It will never happen,” stated Saakashvili.