Examination Of Applicants For Returning Officers Starts On Saturday

Tbilisi. March 31 (Prime-News) – Test examinations of the applicants for certificates of the returning officers starts on Saturday.

The examinations will be held on April 01, 03 and 04, Prime-News was told by the representatives of the Central Election Commission.

Presently 900 applications have been submitted to CEC.

The first examination for certificates of returning officers was held in the last year. 1155 applicants were given the certificates.

Russia Lost to Georgia, Russian Expert Says

Tbilisi. March 31 (Prime-News) – The Georgian-Russian agreement on withdrawal of the Russian military bases from Georgia signed in Sochi on Friday was defeat for Russia, Sergei Makarov, Russian political expert says.

“The Georgian party has been demanding withdrawal of the military bases for a long time. In fact, Tbilisi forwarded the ultimatum – the Russian bases will be subjected to provocative actions and blockade in case of refusal, they said.

“Of course blockade of the Russian military bases would have enjoyed political support by the US and the European Union. Russia failed to find appropriate counter-measures for that”, Sergei Makarov said.

Presidential Visit To Ukraine Postponed

Tbilisi. March 31 (Prime-News) – The planned visit by Mikheil Saakashvili, President of Georgia to the Ukraine on April 03 is postponed.

The reason for postponement is not clear, Prime-News was told by the representatives of the State Chancellery.

Presently Mikheil Saakashvili is paying a visit to Italy.

Opposition MP Suspended From His Duty

Tbilisi. March 31 (Prime-News) – The Parliament of Georgia suspended MP Valeri Gelashvili from the opposition Republican Party from his duty, by 124 votes to nothing on the Friday evening.
he opposition parties were not taking part in the balloting in protest.

The opposition MPs said that they start boycotting the sessions for uncertain period.

The Parliamentary Procedural Issues Committee passed the issue on suspension of immunity to Valeri Gelashvili at the session on March 29 for alleged illegal business interests and participation in management.

The opposition Democratic Front and the Right Opposition factions protested against the decision of the Committee claiming that there were no legal grounds for suspension of the immunity.

By the decision made at the special session of the Parliamentary Bureau of the Parliament on Friday, the issue on suspension of the immunity to Valeri Gelashvuili was included in the Friday agenda.

The ruling Nationalist Movement party charged the Procedural Issues Committee with a task to inquire business interest of Valeri Gelashvili after the fire in the 84th Secondary School. Gigi Ugulava, Tbilisi City Mayor said that the sponsor of the fire was Valeri Gelashvili as he was interested in the adjacent plot of land for ongoing construction of the business center in the same district.

Valeri Gelashvili rejects all allegations by the Government and plans to bring the case to the Strasburg court.

Bagapsh Headed Council Of Gali District Administration

Tbilisi. April 01 (Prime-News) – Sergey Bagapsh, de facto president of the self-acclaimed republic Abkhazia headed council of Gali District administration, Apsnypress news agency informs.

Yuri Ashuba, chairman of the security service, Otar Khetsia, De facto Minister of internal Affairs, Roman Gvinjia, head of archive department, heads of law enforcement bodies and administration of Gali district took part in the council.

Sergey Bagapsh stated that Ruslan Kishamaria is appointed the envoy of the president of the self-acclaimed republic Abkhazia in Gali district.

“Ruslan Kishmaria will fulfill political orders of the president,” Sergey Bagapsh noted.

The council discussed issues on technical-material supply of the law enforcement bodies in Gali district etc.