Georgia To Join NATO Air Situation Data Exchange System

Prime-News was told at the Ministry of defense of Georgia that at the moment Georgia is in the final stage of joining the ASDE after which the special systems and equipment will be installed and prepared for testing. Georgia will join the ASDE through the Republic of Turkey. The Memorandum of Understanding between NATO, Georgia and Republic of Turkey regarding ASDE joining is drafted and the final review process of MOU is ongoing.

The NATO requirements for a bi-directional exchange of a RAP (Recognized Air Picture) between NATO nations and partner nations resulted in the development of the Air Situation Data Exchange (ASDE) system. This system manages the controlled exchange of air picture data by filtering the NATO picture in such manner that it is releasable to partner nations.

The ASDE system is developed via a cooperation model between NC3A (NATO Consultation, Command and Control Agency) and NPC (NATO Programming Center).

Tbilisi Ascertains Issue Related To Possible Deportation Of Citizens Of Georgia From Russia

Tbilisi. August 23 (Prime-News) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia attempts to clarify the information on possible deportation of the Citizens of Georgia from the Russian Federation in autumn.

Giorgi Manjgaladze, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, told journalists about that at the briefing held on Thursday.

According to the information of the Russian news agencies, Moscow City Hall plans to clear Moscow from illegal migrants regarding the celebration of Day of Moscow.

De Facto Sokhumi Accuses Georgian Side Of Violating Airspace

Tbilisi. August 23 (Prime-News) – The government of self-proclaimed Republic of Abkhazia accuses the Georgian side of violating airspace.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of de facto Abkhazia, the airspace of de facto republic of Abkhazia was violated from the Georgian side on August 22. The unidentified Georgian aircraft intruded into the unrecognized republic’s airspace over the Gali district.

De facto Sokhumi evaluates the aforementioned fact as an attempt to escalate tension. The Abkhazian side asks international society and parties involeved in conflict resolution process to pay special attention on the above-mentioned fact.