Guess You Didn’t Get The Joke

For those of you who don’t get your service through or pay attention to the news, Justin Carter is something of a hot-button issue. This 19 year old was jailed just last year after making a comment on Facebook that was deemed a terroristic threat.

Justin, an avid gamer, was trash talking another player and friend. To avoid getting to graphic, the gist of the discussion resulted in the friend saying Justin was “messed up in the head.” What does Justin do already in the heat of their debate? Well, of course, he meets a joking comment with something only someone “messed up in the head” would possibly say – meeting a joke with a very hyperbolic joke of his own.

The problem is that what he said was quite topical and involved going into a kindergarten and shooting the place up. Was Justin serious? Did he have a plan to actually carry out something like this? There is absolutely no evidence to support any of those suspicions, but that didn’t stop the police from sticking this pretend killer in an institution with “professional killers.”

This has caused quite an uproar in the online community and, let’s be frank, who among any of us hasn’t, in a moment of exasperation or stress, jokingly threatened to strangle or kill someone? Much remains to seen about how this case will pan out.