Kirkitadze Rejects Advices Of Badri Patarkatsishvili

Tbilisi. October 12 (Prime-News) – MP Davit Kirkitadze, member of the ruling party, ignores advises of businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili.


Kirkitadze urges Patarkatsishvili to answer the questions regarding the high-profile murders of Listev and Litvinenko.

“Patarkatsishvili should better give answers on the questions put regarding the murder of Litvinenko, Listyev and others in Russia. I have not asked for advice from him. Irakli Okruashvili’s activities have demonstrated what kind of advice he can give,” Kirkitadze told journalists today.

Tbilisi. October 12 (Prime-News) – According to Nika Rurua, Deputy Chairman of the parliamentary committee on security and defense, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly expressed unprecedented support to Georgia.


Rurua stated at the plenary session today that the Assembly adopted two resolutions, which concern Georgian-Russian relations and support of Georgia’s integration into the NATO.

According to him, in the resolution on the Georgian-Russian elections, the Assembly called on the Russian side to implement reasonable actions regarding supply of energy resources and fulfill international obligations.

Tbilisi. October 12 (Prime-News) – The Parliament of Georgia approved candidature of Levan Tarkhnishvili as Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Georgia (CEC) with 135 votes unanimously at the plenary session today.


Tarkhnishvili told journalists that during his work on the position he would work on improvement of voter’s lists and improvement of qualification of specialists.

Opposition lawmakers, who were against the candidacy, did not participate in the voting. According to them, Tarkhnishvili, who is believed to have close links with the ruling party, would fail to generate public trust because of his affiliation with the ruling party.

The Parliament has also approved David Kirtadze as member of CEC with 132 votes.

Position of Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Georgia (CEC) became vacant after Guram Chalagashvili was appointed Chairman of GNERC.

Tbilisi. October 12 (Prime-News) – The Parliament of Georgia approved two new Ambassadors of Georgia at the plenary session today.


The Parliament approved Merab Antadze, Deputy Foreign Minister, as the Georgian ambassador to Ukraine, replacing Grigol Katamadze with 131 votes.

The Parliament also approved Konstantine Korkelia, Deputy Justice Minister, as Georgian Ambassador to Latvia, with 129 votes.

Tbilisi. October 12 (Prime-News) – Mikheil Saakashvili, president of Georgia, spoke about relations between Georgia and Russia, and peaceful resolution of conflicts during the meeting organized by the Paasikivi Society in Finland.


“Georgia is now faced with a great challenge. Our relations with Russia are very important. Tbilisi does not want opposition and confrontation in its relations with Moscow. We want to create and maintain guarantees for our own security,” Saakashvili stated.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Finnish political circles, foreign diplomats accredited in Finland, experts and political scientists and journalists from politically oriented publications.

“I am glad to be in Finland today. We were greeted by people in the street waving Georgian flags. This is very pleasing to me. In addition to the fact that we were warmly received, we understand each other very well. The Finnish people understand well the challenge that Georgia faces and are standing by us,” the president said.

At the end of the meeting, Saakashvili was awarded a special medal.