MIA: Fire First Was Opened From House Of Wanted Meskhidze

Tbilisi. October 02 (Prime-News) – Shota Khizanishvili, Head of the Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, stated that the fire was opened from the house of wanted Meskhidze when the law enforcement bodies appeared near their house.

Shota Khizanishvili told journalists that Oleg Meskhidze wanted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia opened the fire from automatic gunfire.

The special operation carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia in Laituri settlement of Ozurgeti region on Monday ended with the fatal outcome.The law enforcement bodies had liquidated 26-year old O. Meskhidze wanted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

Three policemen were heavily injured in the fire exchange. Murman Tsidava, Malkhaz Tsetskhladze and Vakhtang Tavartkiladze were hospitalized to Kutaisi immediately. The father of liquidated O. Meskhidze had been detained.

Vano Merabishvili, Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia, has arrived in the region due to the incident.

Tbilisi. October 02 (Prime-News) – The representatives of the former Academy of Sports and Physical Education organized a rally demanding the annulment of the regulation issued by the government of Georgia on July 11.

Representatives of various political and public organizations joined the rally organized by the lectures and students of the former Academy of Sports and Physical Education. MP Kakha Kukava, Jondi Baghaturia, the leader of “Kartuli Dasi”, and representatives of various NGOs expressed their support towards the participants of the rally.

Kakha Kukava has initiated the discussion of the issue related to the legality of the unification of Ilia Chavchavadze State University and Academy of Sports and Physical Education at the Parliamentary Committee for Education, Science, Culture and Sports. The aforementioned issue will be discussed at the Parliamentary Committee for Education, Science, Culture and Sports on Thursday.

Vladimir Sanakoev, leader of the movement stated that number of members of the movement increases along with the number of offices.

According to him, separatist regime of Eduard Kokoity is afraid of the movement.

Sanakoev noted that the actions will bring result very soon and Kokoity will leave the territory of Georgia.

Tbilisi. October 06 (Prime-News) – According to the information of the Non-Governmental Organization “Human Rights Center”, the law enforcement bodies plan to detain participants of the rally organized in Gurjaani.

Prime-News was told at the NGO “Human Rights Center” that they were told at Gurjaani Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia that the rally organized at Noneshvili Street in Gurjaani at 2 o’clock on Saturday was not authorized and violated public order.

According to their information, power supply was restricted to Dedoplitskaro as well as to some other regions of Kakheti in order to hinder the participation of the local population in the rally.

Representatives of “Human Rights Center” have verified the information and revealed that the governor of Gurjaani municipality, deputy governors and the employees of Gurjaani municipality warned the population to refrain form the participation in the rally.

About 100 police officers have been mobilized in Gurjaani.

The participants of the Junior Eurovision 2007 were prepared and trained by famous Georgian composers. The Georgian participant of Junior Eurovision 2007 will be selected on the basis of received SMS.

The selected participant will take part in Junior Eurovision 2007 held in Rotterdam on December 08, 2007.

Tbilisi. October 06 (Prime-News) – The two-day seminar for the employees of the NAPR territorial registration offices of the Kvemo Kartli and Kakheti has been opened in Telavi today.

Prime-News was told at the Ministry of Justice of Georgia that the participants of the seminar would get acquainted with how to deal with registration documentations and issue related to land cadastre, technological and legislation innovations.

The seminar is organized within the framework “Training and Management Support Project” implemented by Sweden International Development Agency.

Prime-News was told at the Ministry of justice of Georgia that the CRA dedicated the research to the date. According to the Civil Registry Agency of the Ministry of Justice, there are 555 women named Tekla 16 or elder.

The study became available since the single e-database of citizens was designed in the CRA.

All 16 years old citizens of Georgia are obliged to receive ID Cards. The document is free of charge on the 10th day of submission of an application to the territorial offices of the Civil Registry Agency.