New Rules For Entry In Breakaway Abkhazia

According to it, foreign citizens will be divided into four groups Citizens of RussianFederation, CIS Citizens, Oversee Citizens and Georgian Citizens.

The groups will be subjected to different rules for entry in Abkhazia, journalists were told by Alexander Adleiba, representative of the de facto Abkhazian President.

IPAP Implementation To Be Discussed In Foreign Ministry

The IPAP was signed in October 2004. According to it, the government of Georgia has committed itself to implementation of a set of reforms in military field till the end of 2007, elaborate necessary legislative base and settle some social and financial issues to become a candidate of affiliation to NATO.

The Georgian party says that IPAP is being implemented successfully and it may be finished by the end of 2006.

A delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia is to visit Brussels to take part in discussion of the IPAP implementation in Georgia at the NATO Headquarter on April 13.

Parliamentary Opposition Publishes Memorandum

The memorandum will be officially initialled after its signed by the opposition Democratic Front, Industrialist and Right Opposition factions of the Parliament of Georgia, the opposition MPs say.

The memorandum is addressed to the President and the Chairwoman of the Parliament of Georgia. The opposition makes demands that must be met to stop their boycotting of Plenary Sessions. The demands are as follows: amendment of Election Code, election of Mayor and local governmental officials and resignation of Vano Merabishvili, Interior Minister.

The three-paged document features the wrong and illegal decisions implemented by the government and offers means for their eradication.

According to the opposition MPs, the memorandum is not drafted in form of an ultimatum and if taken into consideration it will contribute to development of the ongoing political processes into expedient course.

The opposition factions of the Parliament of Georgia have been boycotting plenary sessions since the decision of the ruling faction of the parliament of Georgia to suspend Valeri Gelashvili from the Republican Party from his duties for alleged illegal business interests on march 31st.

UNHCFR To Study Living Condition Of Georgian Refugees

Guterres will arrive in Vladikavkaz on Sunday. On the same day he will place a wreath at the memorial for victims of the Beslani school.

n Sunday evening António Guterres will meet Teimuraz Mansurov, President of North Ossetian Republic.

A part of citizens of Georgia of Ossetian origin left South Ossetia during the 1991-1992 Georgian-South Ossetian hostilities. Presently the government of Georgia is drafting a bill on return of refugees and property restitution.

Demands By opposition Are Absurd, Davit Kirkitadze Says

It is impossible to meet those demands, Davit Kirkitadze said at the presentation of the website of the party on Saturday.

According to him, the ruling faction is conducting consultations with the opposition ones and it is possible that they would attend the plenary session on the next week.

Davit Kirkitadze did not highlight the opposition faction that the ruling one is consulting with.

“If the opposition does not attend the session, it will be all right”, one of the leaders of the ruling party was quoted as saying.

The opposition faction – Democratic Front, Right Opposition and Industrialists imposed a boycott on plenary sessions of the Parliament at their protest on dismissal of Valeri Gelashvili, member of the Republican Party, from the Parliament.

They forwarded a set of demands to the government, in particular amendment of the Election Code, diversification of the single partisan election commissions, direct election of the city mayors and local governmental officials, dismissal of Vano Merabishvili, Interior Minister, reshuffle of the interior ministry, eradication of wilful action of the “raid groups” of the ruling party and immediate start of investigation into the crimes committed by the above mentioned groups. The opposition claims that it will return to plenary sessions only after fulfilment of these demands.

The memorandum addressed to the President of Georgia and the Chairwoman of the Parliament, providing for the above-mentioned demands, was presented to the media representatives by the members of the Democratic Front faction on Friday. They signed the above mentioned document and sent it to the Right Opposition and Industrialists fir signature.