Russian Experts Examined Fragments Of Dropped Rocket

Tbilisi. August 17 (Prime-News) – Group of Russian military experts, which is involved in investigation of the violation of Georgian airspace and bombing territory of the village Tsitelubani on August 06, examined fragment of the dropped rocket in the village Tsitelubani on Friday.

Experts have left the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia without comment and will announce their conclusion of the incident at the Embassy of the Russian federation in Georgia on friday evening.

Russian military experts, visited spot of the incident and got familiar information about flight of the jet that has violated Georgian airspace and detailed information and evidences of the incident.

Russian experts state that evidences of the Georgian side are not enough.

Group of Russian experts arrived on a special flight in Tbilisi on Thursday to investigate the August 06 incident. The Russian delegation comprised of 25 people includes Lieutenant General Igor Khvorov, Head of the Staff of Air Forces of the Russian Federation, Valery Kenyaikin, Ambassador at large of the Russian Foreign Ministry, and specialists of Russian MIA and Foreign Ministry, will participate in investigation of the incident.

The report of the International Group of Experts (IGE) investigating the incident of August 6, confirms that the Georgian airspace was violated by the aircraft that entered from the territory of the Russian Federation. The IGE consisted of experts from Sweden, The USA, Lithuania and Latvia.

Noghaideli To Visit Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Region On Sunday

Tbilisi. August 17 (Prime-News) – Zurab Noghaideli, Prime Minister of Georgia, will visit Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region on Sunday.

Prime-News was told at the Office of Georgian Government that Noghaideli would visit construction works of the Hotel “Maltakva” in Poti, “Georgian Forest” Ltd, “Black Sea Products” Ltd, and “Poti Oil Products” Ltd.

Prime Minister will also visit Khobi and Zugdidi.

In Khobi Noghaideli will visit plants and Kulevi oil terminal, will get familiar with repair works on Martvili-Ckhorotsku road.

In Zugdidi the Prime Minister will examine construction works on Ganmukhuri section of the road, Zugdidi-Rukhi road, and works implemented on the territory of Zugdidi Railway.

Zurab Noghaideli will also visit territory of the Dadiani Palace.

Office Of Movement “Farewell, Kokoity” Opened In Tamarasheni

Tbilisi. August 17 (Prime-News) – Office of the movement “Farewell, Kokoity” was opened in the village Tamarasheni in the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict zone on Friday.

Vladimir Sanakoev, speaker of the movement “People of South Ossetia for peace”, stated at the opening ceremony that the action, aiming at release of south Ossetia from separatist regime, will join all population of Tskhinvali region, which lives on the territory controlled by de facto Tskhinvali.

Participants of the action were able to see the debut rendition of the campaign theme song. Performed to a hip-hop beat, the lyrics spell out what the movement’s priority is.

“Now we are in Tamarasheni, less than a kilometer from Tskhinvali,” Sanakoev said. “I hope our song is heard there.”

Office of the movement was founded in the beginning of August. The movement has offices in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Rustavi.

“New rights” To Present Initiative Regarding Law On “Property Privatization”

Tbilisi. August 17 (Prime-News) – Parliamentary faction “New rights” will present initiative regarding the law on “Property privatization” to the Parliament of Georgia.

Davit Gamkhrelidze and Pikria Chikhradze, leaders of the “New Rights” stated at the press conference in Batumi on Friday that the government is going to peruse its practice of state racketing on private property through the newly passed Law on Property Privatization.

Davit Gamkhrelidze stated that the law provides that new regulations are not true for the plots of land that are subject of courts’ inquiries, which means that they will not be legalized and trials on them will continue.

US Embassy In Georgia Categorized Report Of IEG As Important And Credible

Tbilisi. August 17 (Prime-News) – The U.S. Embassy’s evaluates the report of the International Experts Group (IEG) on violation of Georgian airspace and bombing of the territory of Georgia on August 06 as important and credible.

In the widespread statement the U.S. Embassy in Georgia called on the international community to support confidence-building measures in South Ossetia to reduce military tension, including international monitoring of the Roki Tunnel and increased OSCE military observers throughout all of South Ossetia.”

“We welcome the open and transparent cooperation of the Georgian Government with the IEG evaluation, including responding to the IEG’s requests for access to available evidence and facilities to confirm the evidence.” Reads the statement widespread by the US Embassy in Georgia