Staff Reshuffle Expected In Cabinet Of Ministers

Tbilisi. August 29 (Prime-News) – Staff reshuffle is expected in the government of Georgia.

Special briefing on the above-mentioned issue will be held at 20:00 on Wednesday at State Chancellery.

Dimitri Kitoshvili, Parliamentary Secretary of the President of Georgia, will voice the information about staff reshuffle.

Burjanadze Discussed Russian-Georgian Relations With President Of German Bundestag


Tbilisi. August 29 (Prime-News) – Nino Burjanadze, Chairwoman of the Parliament of Georgia, has delivered a speech at the 16th Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference and talked about political and economic relations among Black Sea-member states.

The conference was held in the Bundestag of Germany. Norbert Lamert, President of Bundestag, hosted the conference.

The emphases were put on regulation of neighboring relations among Baltic Sea Basin-member states from social viewpoint.

Nino Burjanadze admitted in her speech that it was important to deepen political and economic relations among Black Sea Basin-member states.

Bilateral meeting between the Chairwoman of the Parliament of Georgia and the President of German Bundestag was held.

Nino Burjanadze and Norbert Lamert discussed the Russian-Georgian relations.

De Facto Tskhinvali Lays Blame On Georgian Side Regarding Illegal Detention Of Ossetian Peacekeepers


Tbilisi. August 29 (Prime-News) –De facto Tskhinvali accuses the Georgian side of illegal detention of Ossetian peacekeepers.

According to the information of de facto Press and Information Committee, Murad Bochiev, Deputy Commander of Ossetian Peacekeeping Battalion, Vitaly Valiev, Company Sergeant Major, and Sergeant Anton Khachirov were detained as a result of special operation carried out by the Georgian law enforcement bodies.

According to their information, the detainees were transported to Gori police department without any explanations. Khachirov and Valiev have been transported to Mtskheta and Bochiev has been released.

The Ossetian side has already provided the headquarters of peacekeeping forces and the OSCE with the information about current developments.

The employees of Counter-Intelligence Department and the Mtskheta -Mtianeti Main Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia arrested Tariel Khachirov suspected in illegal detention of Georgian citizens in the South Ossetian conflict zone.

The Ossetian side abducted three citizens of Georgia – Davit Galegashvili, resident of Tbilisi, Matsi Kvaratskhelia and Tsotne Broladze in Akhalgori region, on August 26.

On 27 August journalists from the TV companies – Mze and Rustavi2, who arrived there to cover the incident, were also detained.

Georgian Side Objects To Existing Violations In North Ossetian Peacekeeping Battalion


Tbilisi. August 29 (Prime-News) – The State Ministry for Conflict Resolution objects to the staffing of North Ossetian peacekeeping battalion dislocated in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone with local residents.

Prime-News was told at the State Ministry for Conflict Resolution that Tariel Khachirov and Vitaly Valiev, the members of the North Ossetian peacekeeping battalion detained on Wednesday, are the residents of Tskhinvali region. The fact that they are the local residents and at the same time are the members of North Ossetian peacekeeping battalion is a rough violation of existing agreement.

Tariel Khachirov and Vitaly Valiev, the arrested suspects, were among a group who had illegally detained TV crews from “Rustavi 2” and “Mze” television stations and three other people, including a 13-year old boy, on August 27 and 26, respectively. All were released on August 27.

Illegally detained journalists have already identified the two suspects .All were released on August 27

NDP And “Georgia’s Way” To Organize Event Dedicated To Commemoration Of Ilia Chavchavadze


Tbilisi. August 29 (Prime-News) – “National Democratic Party” and “Georgia’s Way” organize an event dedicated to the commemoration of Ilia Chavchavadze on Thursday.

Prime-News was told at the “National Democratic Party” that 100 years had passed after the murder of Ilia Chavchavadze.

The event will be held in Tsitsamuri and the representatives of other oppositional parties are invited on the event.