The Best Place to Design Your Own Socks

I came across a website the other day and must say I was quite fascinated with the custom logo socks they had to offer. My teenage daughter loves socks as well as I do. And sometimes the crazier they are the more we like them. Customized socks are unique and fun to wear. We have socks in our collections that range from animals, music themes, cartoon characters, designs for all of the holidays. This particular website allows you to customize your own socks. You can add text to them, actual pictures, clip art, or simply geometric designs.

I thought it would be fun to play around with their design lab and see what I could come up with. The first thing you have to do is choose the type of sock you want to design. I chose the knee high socks since the winter months are approaching and will help keep us a little warmer. After choosing the type of sock you then choose a color for the sock itself. This was an easy choice for me since blue is my favorite color. After I chose the background color is when the real fun began. Now it was time to decide what to put on the sock. I played around with different emojis and I even downloaded some family pictures and had them put on the socks. I couldn’t believe I was having this much fun designing socks. I settled on several different pictures of my daughter from years past when she was a little girl and then put her name in the middle of all of the pictures.

At first, I was just playing around but decided to go ahead and buy the socks I designed for my daughter’s birthday. They will most definitely be a one of a kind pair of socks that nobody else will have.