UN Published Interim Report On September 20 Incident

Tbilisi. October 12 (Prime-News) – UNOMIG published its interim report on the September 20 incident in Kodori Gorge.

The document, posted on the official website reads that the incident occurred in 300 meters from the administrative border of the Abkhazian side. Several Abkhazians were injured during the incident and two Russian officers, who were working at de facto border guard department, were killed.

According to the report, the sides have different versions regarding the fact.

“We cannot confirm or deny version of the Georgian side at the moment,” reads the report.

The UN expresses gratitude to the government of Georgia and de facto regime for cooperation.

According to information of the Georgia side, the attack occurred on the territory of Upper Abkhazia controlled by the Georgian side. A group of saboteurs planned some diversions on the abovementioned territory.